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Thursday, May 2 3:40 PM
The Swan tube went well.  I would not have thought that a girl could have
that many tubes and hoses attached to them. The neuro-surgeon said the CAT scan
from this morning looked good.  He also said they wanted to paralyze
Hannah so that her brain would not receive any stimulation.  They will
use drugs to keep her paralyzed.
As I said earlier, this morning was a tough one.  We really appreciate the awesome
prayer support Hannah received during this time.  God listens to his people, and
they were heard this morning. Thanks again!
                                    Dad (of one of the greatest kids around)

Thursday, May 2 12:10 PM
They are doing a procedure (right now) to insert a Swan tube into Hannah.
It is a "probe" that will go into her heart and help to measure the fluid
usage in her body.  It should give them a much better idea of how much
of each drug they can give her.  Please continue to pray.
The thought that keeps running through my mind is that the closer Hannah comes
to death, the bigger the miracle is for God.

Thursday, May 2 8:50 AM
I had hoped my next update was a positive update, but I wanted to let all the
people know that are praying for Hannah that she had a tough night last night.
Her pressure on her brain (they call it ICP) has been staying up (high 20s, 30s, and
some 40s). At the same time, her sedative medicine has had to be increased.
Please continue to pray that God will "Heal our Hannah". Thank You!

Tuesday, April 30 8:15 PM

I know it has been some time since the last update.  I apoligize.  I wish I had great news, but we
are still waiting and seeing.  A couple of good notes is that she is on one sedative medicine
instead of the two she was on.  Also, in the first day or so, the number on the machine was
thirty, and she is now down to 20.  Finally, it is good that we are on day four.   The third day was
a pretty big milestone, and it is good that we are already on the fourth day.
I really just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everybody for all of the support we have
received.  It has been awesome to see the number of people that have been touched by Hannah's life.
As always, I promise to update this page just as soon as I see a finger wiggle...

Sunday, April 28 1:50 PM
I wish I had a better update. It isn't bad news, I just don't have any good news,
unless we go with the "No news is good news".  They have a bunch of numbers they
watch, and Hannah is doing good most of the time.  They are giving her two units
of blood.  The favorite phrase of the day is "Wait and See".  Oh well, we
are not out to set any records, we just want what is best for Hannah.

Sunday, April 28 4:00 PM
This afternoon, they changed the sedation medicine Hannah is on. They want to
start bringing her around, which is a pretty good thing (ok, darn near GREAT THING).
I look forward to getting back to the hospital and seeing how things progress
as she starts to come around.
If you know Hannah, you know what kind of a nut she is about taping things.  She loves to
make movies, and when she makes a movie about this, I would guess she will name the
movie, "My Left Turn".  Some people would be horrified to find that a picture of them had
been taken while they were in ICU, but if you know Hannah, it doesn't seem like the kind of
thing that would bother her. I think she would want her friends to know how she is doing.
With that disclaimer, click here to she pictures of how she is doing.

Saturday, April 27 3:40 PM
Earlier today, a group of doctors were in to see Hannah.  While they were there, they paused her sedation medicine.  When they left, they didn't "unpause" it and Hannah started to move around.  The nurse recognized the problem immediately and turned the medicine back on.  The cool thing was that since Hannah was "awake", the nurse asked her to squeeze her left hand, and Hannah did. Then, the nurse asked her to squeeze her right hand and Hannah did.  Finally, the nurse asked Hannah to blink twice, and Hannah did that also.  That was about all she got to do before the medicine took effect.   Although the part about leaving the medicine off is not a great thing (and they fixed it quick), it is a GREAT THING that Hannah is able to respond to the nurse's commands.
Thanks for the group of students and teachers that gathered on Saturday to pray for Hannah.   We really appreciate it, and I look forward to Hannah being able to thank you in person.

Saturday, April 27 10:00 AM
Hannah and a friend were involved in an auto accident on Friday.  Hannah is
in critical condition in Miami Valley Hospital.  We have not been able to
talk with her yet (they are keeping her sedated), but if you would like, leave
her a message.  We will read it to her when she is able to talk again.
Please continue to pray for her. Thanks! Dad

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